Tuesday, September 19
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Housing & Neighborhood Preservation
275 Alexander Street
2nd Floor Alexander Community Center
Cheektowaga, NY  14211
(716) 897-7281
Fax: 897-7297

Town of Cheektowaga - Housing & Neighborhood Preservation

Richard Coburn
Supervising Code Enforcement Officer
e-mail: Housing Complaints

The office is located at 275 Alexander, at the Alexander Community Center, which is behind the skating rink at Town Park. Hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. The office can be contacted at 716-897-7281 (fax 897-7287).

The office is responsible for enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code of NYS, Fire Code of NYS, and Zoning Law. These laws set minimum standards for both residential and commercial properties.

Issues addressed may include deteriorated siding, roofing, windows/doors, all building elements inside and out including plumbing and wiring.

Exterior yard issues include debris/garbage, rodent infestation, unlicensed vehicles, high grass and un-shoveled sidewalks.

Costs for removal of debris/high grass or securing of vacant structures are recovered through tax assessments on the property.

Other issues include the condition of commercial properties such as dumpsters, debris, building deterioration, portable signs, and business signs in the public right-of-way or on utility poles, running a business in a residential area and parking commercial vehicles in residential areas.

Tree removal, within the public right-of-way, due to sewer problems, are coordinated with the Highway Department.

Periodic fire inspections are scheduled and performed by the fire inspectors. Inspected yearly are restaurants, theaters, day care centers and banquet facilities. Every three years other commercial uses and apartment buildings are inspected. Periodic fire inspections are initiated with the filing of a required "Operations Permit/ Fire Safety Inspection Application".

You can contact the office with any questions or concerns at 716-897-7281. If this office does not handle the issue, an attempt will be made to direct you to the proper agency.

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The Town’s Housing Department staff has been working for over a year to collect information on vacant houses in the Town. We created and used a checklist to evaluate whether a property has violations of any NYS and Town of Cheektowaga Property Maintenance Codes. The Housing Inspector used the checklist to document the results of an on-site inspection of each vacant house grading each vacant house as Habitable, Habitable with Minor Work, Needs Major Work and Demo Candidate.


We are asking the help of citizens in this effort. The vacant houses are shown on the attached list. We are asking Cheektowaga residents to look at the list and confirm all vacant houses on their street or in their neighborhood are included.

Use the Email address Vacants@tocny.org to tell us if you have additional information. Please use the vacant property address in the subject line and advise us if:

- there are any additional vacant houses that we might have missed;

- one of the houses on the list is no longer vacant;

- you have comments on the condition assessment noted;

- you note any changes in property condition of which we should be aware;

- you note any suspicious activity, or

- you have any other useful comments to assist us in dealing with a specific property.

We will use the Vacant Residential Property List in the Housing Department to identify Grass Rotation and to schedule periodic return inspections. We can cite properties that are in violation. We can enforce grass cutting and clean-up. When we are aware of a bank’s involvement, we will pursue them to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, we cannot fix all problems with a vacant property, especially when an owner is deceased or has abandoned the property. The County of Erie will put a property up for auction if taxes are not paid for three years.

We will be using the list to share with fire districts so they are aware of the existence and condition of vacant structures as a safety precaution for them. We will share the list with the Town of Cheektowaga Police Department so they can monitor for security issues.

Click on this link to access the VACANT RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY LIST.

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